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The Bond Classic

The Bond knitting machines are excellent for using normal "handknit" yarns from 4-ply to Chunky, and I've made several lovely garments on there using boucle, mohair, and "fancy" yarns. I bought my Bond Classic new in 1985 for £100 - which was a lot of money since I was a student at the time. It has served me very well over the years, and I use it regularly. I now have 2 other machines the same, and a Classic ribber, which I haven't had time to try yet.

Most of the time I design my own Bond-knitted and hand-knitted garments, rather than searching for a particular pattern. To do this, I use the excellent KNITWARE Sweater Design program on my PC. A free fully working trial version can be downloaded from the Knitware Design Home Page, which allows you to create, print, and save up to 5 patterns.

The software was designed and written by Janet Tombu - feel free to e-mail her at I am now the UK agent for Knitware software - take a look at the UK Knitware website.
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My Bond Pattern Collection is a small collection of free patterns for the Bond knitting machine. I designed them using the Knitware programs and knitted them on my Bond Classic knitting machine. Each pattern has an accompanying picture. I will add more patterns to the collection as time allows.

The Bond List Thoughts pages make up a rapidly expanding collection of free patterns, hints, and tips for knitting with the Bond Classic, Elite, and ISM machines. All of this material comes from the Bond Knitters Club Online email discussion group, which is very lively and informative, and well worth joining if Bond knitting is your interest.

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