Crochet Pattern: Shell Block Afghan

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The yarn and hook required for this pattern have been deliberately left unspecified. The crafter should choose the yarn of their preference, and create a sample square of one block of the pattern given below.
If the sample seems too tight, repeat with a larger hook. If the sample seems too loose, repeat with a smaller hook.
Measure the sample and calculate the number of pattern repeats required to give the desired afghan size.

ABBREVIATIONS: (English notation)

Version 1 : Staggered

Staggered Shell Block


Version 2 : Vertical

Vertical Shell Block

As above, but replace Row 2 with: Row 2: Ch2 (counts as 1st tr), 4tr, *[ch1, (shell in centre stitch of shell below) 5 times, ch1, 5tr] repeat from * for number of pattern repeats required.

Notes: The pattern may be repeated fewer times to produce smaller items such as:

The blocks could also be worked in different colours, to give a patchwork effect. Both versions could be used alternately in the same piece for added interest.
Use your imagination, and be as creative as you can!

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Author : Steph Thornton.
Last modified on : 30th January 1998.