Crochet Pattern: Child's Poncho (version 2.1 revised 7th March 2005)

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Child's Striped Poncho

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  Approx. 200g (8oz) Double Knitting (US light worsted) rainbow coloured acrylic yarn (M)
  Approx. 100g (4oz) Double Knitting (US light worsted) solid coloured acrylic yarn (C)
  4mm (US G/6) crochet hook

ABBREVIATIONS: (American notation)
  st - stitch sc - Single Crochet
  sk - Skip dc(s) - Double Crochet(s)
  ch - Chain rep(s) - repeat(s)
  inc - increase shell - 3dc, ch1
  sl st - Slip Stitch loop - 4ch, 1sc

  One size to fit child approx. age 4 - 14 years old
  Neck circumference: approx. 22 inches
  Length: approx. 15 inches excluding fringe


1)The pattern is created by working alternating rounds of loops and shells (see the abbreviations above for how to work these), with increases at 2 areas of each round. The increase areas form the front and back points of the poncho. As you work, the start/end of the round will appear to move around slowly; this is due to the increases being incorporated into the rounds. Simply work loops or shells as required to reach the start of the round.
2) The "#" and "*" characters are simply pattern instruction markers - as you will see later in the rounds it says "repeat from * xx times more" and "repeat from # x more".
3) Gauge doesn't really matter - this is a loose-fit pattern which is why it fits such a wide age range of children.

Note: To adjust the length of the poncho, simply worked more or less reps as above. If you work more reps, more yarn will be required than specified.

Fringe (optional):

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Author : Steph Thornton.
Last modified on : 7 March, 2005